Yelawolf “Everything I Love The Most”

Sample from Billy Joel’s “Movin’ Out”

It’s been almost one year since Yelawolf dropped Radioactive, and I gotta say that in the past 12 months I haven’t hear too many albums that I liked as much as this one. For whatever reason people didn’t just didn’t buy this album, and that’s despite XXL rating the album an XL. It’s too bad, if anyone deserves the success it’s Yelawolf. No one works as hard as him, he puts out tape after tape. I’ve seen dude live, and let me tell you, man’s a straight beast. Not to worry though, he has a second Shady Records release coming out in 2013 called Love Story, I’m anticipating greatness. To hold the fans over he’ll be dropping his collaborative project with Travis Barker titled Psycho White Ep in just one week. Best of all: IT’S FREE. Anyways, back to Everything I Love the Most”. This track is great, it’s totally original and perfectly walks the line between country and hip-hop. The sample is provided by an absolute legend in Billy Joel, from his track “Movin’ Out”. Check out both of these classic songs below and let us know what you think.

Bill Joel’s “Movin’ Out”

Yelawolf’s “Everything I Love the Most” 

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