Machine Gun Kelly “D3mons”

Sample from Hans Zimmer’s “Sorrow”

 Machine Gun Kelly’s first major label release “Lace Up” debuted with disappointing critical reception and equally underwhelming sales figures. Truth is, MGK ain’t half bad. His record label (Bad Boy) on the other hand, well they’re notorious for pushing out garbage. No I’m not talking about Biggie, I’m talking more along the lines of Gorilla Zoe’s “King Kong” and the disaster-piece titled “Last Train to Paris”. Diddy got at least one thing right on this album, and that was enlisting the help of the legendary DMX. Yes, I said legendary. DMX jumped on “D3mons” with MGK, and received production from Dame Grease to create one of the weirdest songs I’ve heard in a while. The sample comes from Hans Zimmer’s “Sorrow”, Hans is best known for his musical scores on some of Hollywood’s biggest films (Dark Knight, Inception). Check out the tracks below.

Hans Zimmer’s “Sorrow” 

MGK’s “D3mons”

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